Fourier Manipulated Photos

Here is a collection of the results of exchanging the phase information of one image with the phase information of another. Note the blue hue on the bus image and the red hue on the bridge after the exchange. The fourier amplitude data are on a logarithmic scale, the phase is a linear scale.

In the zero phase image the white areas are very blown out, with the center pixel at about 5000 (as opposed to 255). Here the values are simply clipped at 255 as any normalization destroys any contrast.

Original Image 1
Original Image 2
Phase exchanged Image 1 (r,t):(ch1, ch2)
Phase exchanged Image 2 (r,t):(ch2, ch1)
Fourier Amplitudes 1
Fourier Amplitudes 2
Fourier Phases 1
Fourier Phases 2

Random Phases (Bus)
All phases Zero (Bridge) (origin moved to center)
All amplitudes equal to unity
Amplitudes given by broad gaussian
Amplitudes given by narrow gaussian
Random Amplitudes
Amplitudes set to 1/f (Color)
Amplitudes set to 1/f (BW)